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Give an opportunity for others, too!
If it is possible for you, you are kindly asked to pay half of the full first cost, or even the whole amount. We transfer your monetary support into the family Care Program of the MAZS Foundation. Naturally, naturally, you can support other children's camping by sums of your choice, because even a few thousand forints do make a difference. This way, thanks to you, even those children can participate in the camp experience that otherwise could not do this.

Thank you!
More and more people participate year by year in our supporting programs, not only parents of campers, but others, too. Children, who can be/were in Szarvas thanks to their contribution, are grateful for their help. We wish to meet even more children next year!
If you would also like to join the other supporters and friends of Szarvas, please write to the Camp Director. (

The main organizer and supporter of the Szarvas Camp: JDC (JOINT) / MAZS Foundation
Joint Hungary / MAZS Foundation was founded in 1991 by the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee). We work for the families and for the community; our main goal is to help the suffering, needy, elderly Holocaust survivors. Besides that, through social, supporting, health care and educational programs we support Jewish families in need, and by organizing different programs we make a significant contribution to preserving Jewish community life and traditions. Apart from supporting Jewish communities, we work for the early recognition and healing of breast cancer in the frame of the "Marcia Presky Women Health Care Program".
"In order to realize and continue our social programs, we need the support of the community members. We seek to build partnerships and cooperation for the sake of helping needy Jewish families and elderly people. Our main goal is to build an independent, caring community." (Taly Csomó Shaul, general director of the MAZS Foundation)
The New York-based JDC (Joint) covers the difference between the first cost and the actual price of the camp for the Hungarian campers through MAZS Foundation.

Why does the JDC support Szarvas?
Because it believes that the Szarvas Camp is an outstanding educational program, where campers can learn about their Judaism and about traditions on a high level, have fun and develop in an environment full of friends at the same time. The JDC supports the camp with significant sums despite of the decrease of its own monetary support due to the economic crisis in the US and in Europe.

Szarvas belongs to all of us, that's why we absolutely count on your help!

Spread the good reputation of Szarvas!
If you are satisfied with us, spread the word; tell your relatives, friends and anyone you know about us. With your help we can reach those whom we haven't reached yet so that they can also be part of what you have already experienced. Join our Facebook page (Szarvas Int'l Jewish Youth Camp)!

Be the first to register!
The earlier we know the number of the participants the better we can plan and manage our resources. The dates of the summer sessions are: 26 June - 8th July, 10 - 22 July, 24 July - 5 August, 7 - 19 August. Szarvas 2016 registration starts on 6th March.

Szarvas Tábor Baráti Klub - Adományozóink

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Dr. János Ginstler

Dr. Mihály Kende

Dr. János Szírmai

Sára Erdész

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Ilona Erős

Gergő Dávid Farkas

András Fehérvári

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Futureal Management

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Gábor Gordon Gábor and his wife

Hanna Hámori

Benjamin Horváth

Sándor Horváth

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József Klein

Laura Kodó

Sára Kóka-Boskovits

Hanna Korodi

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Anikó Lipovetz

Hanna Kővári

Eszter Kun

Mihály Lipták

Vera Lővei

Michal Mimon

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Eugene Pogány

Tamás Potok

Dániel Róna

Egon Sárdi

Edina Schön

Gábor Singer

Sámuel Szabó

Tibor Szabó

Julianna Szilágyi

Ádám Színai

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