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A summary video of Szarvas 2015

Here is a short memory-refreshing from the last summer. Most probably you remember it well enough. :-)

International experience

A more and more popular program among our older campers. Representatives of many countries come together into a mixed environment where all the activities are happening in English.

Camp songs

Were your singing classes and the dining hall parties full of fake mouth openings and humming without knowing the lyrics of the songs? It's over now. Learn the most often sang and the most popular camp songs NOW!

Camp Dictionary

Not all the fraises are clear yet? You didn't dare to ask? Here is a decoder for the Camp's life.

Madrich Training

For the Hungarian campers only. If you are 16+ and would like to try yourself as a Madrich in our camp or in any Hungarian Jewish youth movements, apply for our two-year Training program.


Húzza az egeret a jelölt létesítmények fölé!Az jelölésre kattintva a támogatási lehetőségekről tájékozódhat.

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