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A recently made documentary movie which introduces the Szarvas Camp experiences, mostly through its international and Jewish aspects.

Departure and arrival

Where? How? When?

What you should...

Most probably your Home Theater system can stay at home, together with your stationary bike. But what should we pack?

International experience

A more and more popular program among our older campers. Representatives of many countries come together into a mixed environment where all the activities are happening in English.

One week session for Hungarian newcomers!

You've asked for it, we made it for you. An offer for the youngest newcomers.

Payment options

A summery about your possibilities of payment.

How can I help?

Easily. Here is a summary of your options. Thank You in advance!

F.A.Q for Parents

Our selection of the frequently asked questions which helps parents to know the Camp in more details.

Camp Dictionary

Don't you understand the half of the experience stories of your kids? We'll help you.


Our supporting program

Szarvas belongs to all of us, that's why we absolutely count on your help!
Give an opportunity for others, too! If it is possible for you, you are kindly asked to pay half of the full first cost, or even the whole amount. We transfer your monetary support into the family Care Program of the MAZS Foundation. Naturally, naturally, you can support other children's camping by sums of your choice, because even a few thousand forints do make a difference. This way, thanks to you, even those children can participate in the camp experience that otherwise could not do this.


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