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I. session: 2018. 07. 01. - 2018. 07. 13.

Among many others in this session you can meet fellows from Russia and India as well. The most popular session. For the older campers we also recommend our International Group program.

II. session: 2018. 07. 15. - 2018. 07. 27.

If you would consider a meeting with campers from Czech Republic, this is your session. There will be an International Group in this session as well, which we offer for our older campers.

III. session: 2018. 07. 29. - 2018. 08. 10.

If you would like to play soccer with the Polish, surely you can do it this session. You can also apply for the International Group if you are Golan or Hermon age.

IV. session: 2018. 08. 12. - 2018. 08. 24.

Bulgarians, Lithunians and Germans are waiting for you! There also will be an International Group... but this session is the closest to the school year! :)

The sessions last twelve days, from Sunday till Friday.


Prices for the HUNGARIAN participants
The full first cost for one person is 200.000 HUF, BUT:
- With the help of the JDC and the MAZS Foundation the subsidized price for the Hungarian participants is 62.000 HUF, that contains the price of the bus, too.
- The second sibling, living in the same household pays 56.000 HUF, while more siblings can take part pf the camp for 47.000 HUF.
(E.g..: if three children come to the camp from the same family, instead of 186.000 HUF they pay 165.000 HUF.)

Give others an opportunity!
If you can afford it, we ask you to pay the first cost partly or fully. Thanks to your contribution, even those children can participate in the camp experience that otherwise could not do this.
- If you pay any sum higher than the subsidized fee, you contribute to the participation of campers, who otherwise could not go to Szarvas.
- 1+2! The JDC (Joint) and the MAZS Foundation adds twice the sum of your payment above the subsidized fee.
(For example: paying 10.000 Ft support a needy child will have to pay 30.000 Ft less for the camp.)
We would like to display the names of our supporters and donors on our forums. Please note, if you don't want to use this opportunity!

Thank you!
More and more people participate year by year in our supporting programs, not only parents of campers, but others, too. Children, who can be/were in Szarvas thanks to their contribution, are grateful for their help. We wish to meet even more children next year!

Can we help?
The MAZS Foundation Jaffe Jewish Family Care Service contributes to the costs the socially needy families' children this year, too.

Information concerning social support:

JDC Hungary / MAZS Foundation - Jaffe Jewish Family Care Service

address: H-1075, Budapest, 17 Síp St.
telephone.: +36 1 888 9467 (Preliminary reconciliation recommended!)
Concerning the operation of the family care service, the exact conditions of registration and the opening hours of the customer service please visit their website:

Prices for Children from Other Countries:
Children from the USA or Canada: 1400 USD; children from Western-Europe: 1000 USD

Conditions of Resignation
You can resign for free up until 30 days before the start of your chosen session. If you resign within 30-15 days before the start of the session, we refund 50% of the costs. In case of resigning 14-0 days before the start of the sessions we cannot refund you.

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