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F.A.Q for Parents

Our selection of the frequently asked questions which helps parents to know the Camp in more details.

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How long is a session?
Our sessions are 12 days long, each of them from lasts Sunday till Friday. This year for the first time, we will have a one-week-long session from Sunday till Sunday.

How many children are in a session? In a unit? In a room?
Every international session hosts about 400-450 children. According to registration, there are 50-150 children in a unit. Children are housed in goups of 4-12.

Is it possible for my child to be together with his/her friend in the same room or on the same bus?
If they are the same age group (and same gender, for rooms), yes, it is possible. Boarding cards for the bus are sent about a week before the session by mail. Our unitheads will be happy to answer any of your questions before the departure of the bus.

How is the accomodation?
We have three different types of accommodation. They can house between 4 and 12 children. We place the children according to the size of the unit, the gender ratio and the preferred location of the countries/units. The type of the housing is not influenced by the pay entry of origin - we try to ensure everyone the same, best possible service.

Who supervises my child during the day?
For the most time, campers are together with their madrichs (group leaders). Madrichs are trained on a two-year-long training seminary. Any camper above of the age 16 can apply for this seminary. In addition, there are experienced unitheads, coordinators, professionals, lifeguard, doctors and nurses supervising the children.

What is the madrich/child ratio?
The leader-child ratio is influenced by the age of the camper - the younger the camper is, the smaller his/her group is, which means, that the madrich - child ratio is higher by the younger age groups. For example: in the Negev (7-10 years) there are two leaders caring for 8-10 children, while in the Hermonban (17 - 18 years) there could be even 20-25 campers in the same group, under the leadership of two madrichs.

Is there a doctor is the camp?
Yes. There is medical care available in the camp around the clock. We have an equipped doctor's office on camp. You can write to the camp's doctor on the registration form, by the comments.

How many times do children eat per day?
We ensure four meals daily in the camp - they eat three times in the dining hall, and the afternoon snack (cake, fruit, etc.) is served outside of it.

My child is on a special diet. What should I do?
We ask you to mark this by all means at the appropriate column of the registration form, so that we could be prepared for it.

Is there a kiosk on camp? How much money should I give my child?
There is a kiosk in the camp, where snacks, drinks and basic hygiene tools can be bought. The kiosk closes an hour before mealtimes and re-opens after the meals. Excursions and entrance fees are included in the fee of the camp, there are no additional costs. Camp souvenirs can be bought at the reception. We cannot give an exact advice regarding to finances, but we might set the limit by the price of one or two snacks daily. As for the other valuables, we cannot take responsibility for the money, either. There is a closed safe in the camp, where campers can deposit anything at any time with the help of their madrich.

What happens if my child wants to go home in the meantime?
It happens sometimes that smaller children are missing their parents more than they are enjoying the camp. Our Unitheads are experienced enough to handle the situation. Naturally, if parents want to, they can take home their child before the end of the session. It happens many times that the parent misses the child more than vica versa, and the child feels it. We ask you to help us by letting your child enjoy the camp - he/she is in the best hands and will himself/herself excellently!

How can I reach my child?
If you sent a cellphone with your child to the camp (which is bly not recommended), you can reach him/her in the short free time after meals. In spite of this, we ask you to help us by letting your child enjoy the camp - he/she is in the best hands! Is he/she doesn't call you, he/she feels well.

Can I visit him/her?
For the sake of the campers and the camp's dynamics, visitors' day is solely the eights day of the camp, Sunday. Guests are welcome, but visitors can stay only between 13:00 and 18:00 p.m. inside the camp. The campers prepare an entertaining show with singing, dancing and sports. Campers can be taken outside the camp only by a parent or a caregiver, after signing a check-out form. If other relatives want to take the child outside the camp, they have to bear the approval of a parent or caregiver.
Permission for a visit on any other days ca be given by the leadership of the camp. In this case, with a visitor's card, the guest can stay inside the camp according to preliminary agreement.

We are not religious; my child doesn't have any knowledge in Judaism...
We have a lot of campers from all over the world who receive their basics in Judaism in Szarvas. One of our main goals is to teach campers about Jewish culture, our traditions, so that they could start building their Jewish identity on their own way. Many of the campers experience Shabbat for the first time in their life in the camp.

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