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About camp life and rules

In order to live in order, there are some tiny regulations which have to be kept by all the participants of the Camp.

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The services of the camp can be used only by the campers.
The camp is non-smoking, so smoking on the whole territory of the camp is strictly forbidden. This applies to all the events organized by the camp, and the trips during the session, as well.
All of the campers have to observe the camp's rules. Whoever violates the policy seriously, possesses or consumes alcoholic beverages or drugs, leaves the camp without permission or behaves in a way that extremely disturbs the community is the immediately excluded from camp. In case the parents are not in Hungary at the time their child is in the camp, we ask to appoint someone responsible for the child together with his/her contact information.
We will assume financial responsibility for willful damage of property.
According to the regulations of the medical officer, bringing animals into the camp is forbidden.
As the camp is kosher, bringing non-kosher food into the camp is forbidden.

About visits
For the sake of the campers and the camp's dynamics, visitors' day is solely the eights day of the camp, Sunday. Guests are welcome, but visitors can stay only between 13:00 and 18:00 p.m. inside the camp. The campers prepare an entertaining show with singing, dancing and sports. Campers can be taken outside the camp only by a parent or a caregiver, after signing a check-out form. If other relatives want to take the child outside the camp, they have to bear the approval of a parent or caregiver. Permission for a visit on any other days can be given by the leadership of the camp. In this case, with a visitor's card, the guest can stay inside the camp according to preliminary agreement.

About safeity
We have general and accident insurance for all campers for the whole period of camping at Chartis Europe S. A. Hungary, which is in effects at concerning damage inside the camp, as well as at events supervised by the camp leadership. The camp leadership takes any responsibility solely in the frame of this aforementioned insurance.
The camp is in accordance with the rulings of the (Hungarian) ÁNTSZ (Állami Népegészségügyi és Tisztiorvosi Szolgálat - National Public Health Service) and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
So that all of us can arrive and leave the camp healthy, we ask all the campers to visit their GP about a week before the start of the session, and ask for a medical certificate that proves that the camper is healthy and can go to public places. Every camper should bring along his/her insurance card or its copy.

Judaism in the camp
The Judaism in the camp is open and pluralist. We accept all Jewish trends, from the worldliest views until the most religious ones, and hold it for important that everyone could feel at home, no matter the background he/she comes from. To help all this, the kitchen of the camp is kosher, and we observe the Shabbat. There are many campers who experience their first Shabbat in the camp.

We try to live environmentally conscious in the camp and try to educate the campers, too. Materials used on our programs are stored and reused in an environment friendly way. We also introduced selective waste collection in the camp.

Campers are asked not to bring alon mobile phones or any other valuables (e.g. MP3 player), because we cannot take responsibility for these! There is a closed safe in the camp, where the campers can put their valuables with their madrich's help.
There are more public - card - phones in the camp. They are closed on Shabbat (from Friday evening until Saturday night).

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