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Innovations around the Szarvas Camp

New way of camping, new payment options and an easier application process.

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One-week-session: Following some feedbacks from the parents this year we'll do a pilot program of the one-week-session. This program is prepared for the first-comer, elementary school first and second grade students. The dates of this program: 8-15 July*, from Sunday to Sunday. The cost of this sessions is 45.000 HUF, which is including the bus round-trip.*The one-week-session is a full program, prolongation is not an option.

It became simple: From now on the cost of the camp (58.000 HUF) is also including the bus round-trip. One price. Simple, isn't it?

New payment options: From now on payments can be issued by bank transfer, check, credit card or cash (by the information desk of the Balint House). From this year on, our camp accepts Széchenyi Pihenő (SZÉP) card as well.

Some refreshment in the application system: From now on you don't have to remember different codes and passes. All you need is your child's TAJ (Social Security) number and the date of the birth.

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