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Payment options

A summery about your possibilities of payment.

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Payments can be issued by bank transfer, check, credit card or cash (by the information desk of the Balint House) or online with PayPal. We can also send checks by mail. The registration is conditional until the paying of the fee, it becomes definitive by a bank confirmation. Our camp accepts Széchenyi Pihenő (SZÉP) card. In this case the refund policy differs.

You are asked to bring along the confirmation of your payment to the departure!

More information and personal help can be obtained from our collegues in the Szarvas office of the Balint House (Budapest, VI. kerület, Révay utca 16.) during the day, during office hours and by the information desk of the Balint House (religious and state holidays excluded). Please check the opening hours of Balint House on its website:

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The Camp is organized and supported
by the JDC Hungary / MAZS Foundation
and the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation.

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